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Psalm 115

You’re in heaven and do whatever pleases you. I please you. You have a mouth and speak softly to me. Eyes that know the curves of my soul. You have ears that feel my breath; a nose that remembers my scent. Your hands hold my dreams, walking, carrying me further than I thought possible. Speaking,Continue reading “Psalm 115”


Hey all! Welcome to Brave Spaces! This blog is for those who wish to connect in a time where that term means different things to different people. Some people may see a Zoom call as their connection, or texting, or Facetime, or even face to face connection! Yeah, that is still a thing, although notContinue reading “Connection”

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Hi, I’m Grace! Currently, I’m an MSW student, blogger, and a learner. I spend most of my time with working out, reading, and hanging with friends. But this blog is for my love of people, love, growth, and empowerment!

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